Member’s Forum

This forum is for Tennessee Widows Sons only.  We will not grant admission to anyone that is not a TN Widows Son.  There is a sub forum inside for our TN WS Ladies.

This is not because we don’t like you or have something to hide.  We do not want to take away from the international forum.  This is just a place for us to discuss TN business and plan events.  Any all events that are Statewide will still be announced on the international forum.

This forum will hopefully serve to strengthen the bonds between the TN WS and offer us a place to discuss plans for the great state of Tennessee.

When you register for the forum, please send an email to: with the screen name you selected, your name, and what chapter you belong to, so that the verification process can go smoothly.  Thanks brethren.


TN Widows Sons forum link:  TN Widows Sons Forum