Welcome the the TNGC’s corner of the internet.

Who are we:

We are a group of Master Masons who enjoy riding motorcycles with our brethren.

We wear patches on our vest to identify us as Master Masons and Widows Sons.  We are not in any way a gang, MC, or 1% club, nor do we claim to be.  We are a Masonic RA (Riders Association) and strive to always shine a positive light on Freemasonry and the motorcycle community.  Our Chapter is made up of Masons who are very active in their Blue Lodges, Appendant Bodies, and Communities.  Also we keep Charity on the forefront and donate thousands of dollars each year to worthy and distressed individuals, families, and charities.

While the membership of the Widows Sons MRA is reserved to Master Masons only, our ladies take a very active role in almost all we do.  They are Associate Members and wear a Lady’s patch and ride with us everywhere we go.  They help us organize, set-up, run, and clean up at each of our fundraisers.  Lets face it, if it wasn’t for them our annual spaghetti dinner would be served from a can and our annual Bikefest would not be near as entertaining.  We love our ladies.  They have our backs and keep us as straight as possible.

We have monthly business meeting held on the Third Friday of each month at Berclair Lodge located at 1005 Berclair Memphis, TN. 38122 ‎.  Sometimes we have to change the day and venue due to holidays , other Lodge activities, etc. so check back here to make sure the location and day of each meeting.

What is our purpose:

  • Introduce the sport of motorcycling to our Masonic brethren and their families.

  • Introduce Freemasonry to the public and the motorcyclist community.

  • Support our Blue Lodges by being active in our Lodges through attendance and by participating in Lodge events.

  • Provide relief to the widows and orphans of our Masonic brethren.

  • Help raise Masonic Awareness during our participation in public events.


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